Caddle: Marketing Icons︎

Caddle provides cashback rebates for consumers via its survey and opinion app. Partner brands receive a multitude of consumer insights in return.

Caddle’s marketing solutions required visual cues to quickly convey their value. To do so,  I created 25 unique Caddle-branded icons with visual stability and legibility, expressing core concepts in a simple, friendly manner.

The Caddle team can subsequently use these to elevate their sales material. 
A special thanks to Ransom, CEO at Caddle, for his trust and providing me creative freedom in the icon creation process.

Role: Designer
Fields: Icon Concept and Design
Published: 2020

︎︎︎I began the design process by associating the solution names, which could feel quite abstract, to common visual representations. 

︎Early stage sketches include multiple visual explorations of a single concept, and the final direction often involved a combination of ideas through experimentation.
︎ Final concepts were chosen and refined, though tweaks came later in the process. ︎ The icons were vector format.

︎ Moving along—the icons finally imported into vector format.

Final icon designs.
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