What I do
I am a visual artist creating experiences across graphic design, photography, and illustration, amongst other mediums.

I like using media studies, music, and technology to inform my personal work.

Who I am
At the age of 8, I immigrated to Canada and grew up in a suburb outside Toronto.

In 2014, I began pursuing a BA in Media Studies at Western University, where I learned about the importance of intersectionality and context.

Upon graduation, I started working at Sensibill, a Fintech company in Toronto. I’m grateful for all the mentorship I’ve received and continue to receive here. 

Currently, I’m working away at a few personal projects, including a very special dedication to the 10th anniversary of my favourite album, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.  

Graphic Design 
Brand Identity
Select Publications
Iconoclast, contributor
LondonFuse, contributor
Openwide, graphics/photography
Volta Magazine, S/S 15', Equinox, contributor
A Music Blog, Yea?, contributor 
I am currently open to freelance projects.