Mind over Grind: Event Identity

Mind Over Grind 2020 is open for registration!

Mind Over Grind is a 5K walk/run organized by Sensibill to benefit the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). 2019 was its inaugural year.

Using way-finding imagery as inspiration, I created a playful and friendly identity that contrasted the “hustle” and “grind” sometimes prevalent in workplace cultures.

A special thanks to Emma Orser-Cornie and Nnolika Daniel for coordinating with vendors and making my designs come to life. 

Role: Designer
Fields: Identity
Photos: Dumebi Ihejieto
Published: 2019-Present

Signage & wayfinding

It was incredibly rewarding to see my designs displayed at the venue and worn my volunteers and runners. 😀


2020 refresh

For 2020, I added character illustrations, as well as gradients, to elevate the existing elements.

Event promotion

Alternate posters

Sponsorship deck

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